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We have prepared a simple text only e-mail for you to use. Just click the link below, copy and paste it into your e-mail client, create a fun subject line, and send to everyone you know!

Hello Friends,

I invite you to join me to participate in The International Day of Acceptance on January 20th. The day is very important to me and I would love for you to learn more and get involved at www.dayofacceptance.com!

What is acceptance?

Acceptance is created from an Empowered movement that Educates others to Embrace diversity and Love Life by seeing beyond abilities.
Friends, tell the world you embrace who you are; a person with social rights, who has an opinion, who has interests, who has goals and who loves life. You are a person who is empowered to make a difference in the world and not be without a voice in society. You are not living disabled, you are living.

To our supporters, join us in telling the world that you are accepting of people with disabilities. As our parents, siblings, relatives, spouses, children, lovers, coworkers, teachers, personal assistants, friends, and anyone else – you also have a role in our culture and life. You can have an impact on the future if you wear your heart on your sleeve and proudly demonstrate your acceptance of others.

Let’s join together to: Embrace diversity. Educate your community. Empower each other. Love life.

Start the conversation of acceptance today! http://www.dayofacceptance.com